Monday, 24 April 2017

The Inner Circle for Parents

Dear parents and guardians of the All Saints Community,
Together with our school council, we are pleased to invite you to an information evening that will be held on Thurs. May 4th, 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. (Education Week).
We are excited to tell you about a pilot project that we offered this year to 15, grade 9 students. Well-being is a critical component in leading a healthy, balanced life. Through a series of four workshops, we aimed to provide students with tools and strategies that will help students develop within the four domains of well-being: Physical, Cognitive, Emotional and Social. Each workshop was designed to enhance well-being and resilience and was led by a trained professional. We invite you to join us, to actively participate in a synopsis of this pilot. The following is a breakdown of the sessions. All sessions will be offered in room 246.
Session #1 - Mental States of Being (15 minutes)
Leader: Graham Mastersmith - Graham will speak about the Medicine Wheel teachings as they have been taught to him by an Algonquin Elder, Traditional Knowledge Keeper.
Session #2 - Building Community (15 minutes)
Leaders: Deanna Tremblay - Deanna will speak to building community and the practical applications of “Restorative Questions”.
Session #3 - Mindfulness (30 minutes)
Leader: Jane Wharton ( trained in Dot B Mindfulness) - Jane will provide practical coping strategies for stress and anxiety.
Session #4 - The Mindfulness Room (15 minutes)
Leader: Claire Wilson (trained yoga instructor) - Claire will demonstrate how she uses the mindfulness room to help restore our students and provide them with a place to actively learn how to “be present” and how to “be calm”.
Interested parents/guardians can register at the following link:

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