Saturday, 22 April 2017

Hoop Dancing with Juno performer Rhonda Doxtator Saints students were blessed to have a full day of Hoop Dancing workshops with Rhonda Doxtator recently.  Rhonda is of the Oneida nation of Southern Ontario and specializes in hoop dancing and medicine pouch creating & beading. With 30 years of pow wow dancing experience, her “passion lies within the cultural arts of dancing and singing and regalia making". Rhonda spends much of her time travelling to various native communities to teach dance and regalia making to the youth.  As a mother of two, Rhonda feels it is important to share knowledge and promote cultural awareness for the betterment of future generations.”

During her workshop, she shared with us the sacred and joy filled medicine of dance as well as her upcoming performance for the Juno Award ceremonies! With an eloquent combination of passion and humour, Rhonda had every student using hoops and dancing to the contagious beats of
“A Tribe Called Red.”
A special thanks goes out to the

City of Ottawa, MASC as well as the All Saints Parent Council, who generously donated funds for school arts & culture programming and to deepen the experience of Aboriginal programming for our students.

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