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All Saints Blog Week of March 6th, 2017

School Council Funding Meeting
The All Saints School Council met this past week to allocate funds to some of the initiatives planned for the second half of this school year. Some of the initiatives include our school greening and recycling group, props and costume storage options for our 7&8 drama room, funding for our new community garden and support for our robotics and leadership groups.  We thank the council for taking the time to review the applications from our various groups.  

Student and Staff Information regarding Opioid use
Fact sheets regarding illicit opioid use were shared with staff, students and sent home for parent review Thursday of last week.  This is part of our ongoing effort to share information from Ottawa Public Health, the Ottawa Police Service and our partnership with Rideauwood Addictions Services with our staff, students and parent community.  This week, we will be holding grade/panel assemblies to reinforce additional information with students.  Our Rideauwood Counsellor and our School Resource Officer are collaborating on presentations that will outline important information, as well as clarifying the roles that each of these individuals play.  These professionals will share additional information with our staff following the March Break.  If parents have questions, we would encourage you to contact the school

The All Saints production of “Annie”
Congratulations to Ms. Pasini and her large student contingent on the production of “Annie”.  The troupe presented to a huge group of elementary students this past Thursday with shows on Friday night and Sunday afternoon.  The group did a fantastic job, and the show was complemented by some great singing and a unique set.  

Multicultural Fair
We appreciate the many students who contributed to our Cultural Fair this past Friday.  Students created displays including cultural icons, information, symbols and some great snacks.  There was information regarding the Philippines, Ukraine, Great Britain, Ireland, and Poland among other countries.  There was a great opportunity for students to reflect on the idea of cultural identity, which was the key to getting a ticket to the many culturally relevant snacks!

French Speech Competition
Congratulations to all our student candidates who delivered an amazing speech at our school's French Speech Competition this past week!  Special Congratulations to Erika Hanner, Andrea Avramescu, and Laureene Tynski who placed first in the Junior Immersion and French First language category.  As well, congratulations to Zachary Fuller who placed first in the Senior Core French category  and to Nico Castro and Monica Glavin who placed first in the Senior Immersion category. Well done!
The first place winners will move on to the Board Wide Competition on March 23, 2017.  Bon succès!!!

There is a great deal of information on the CSPA website regarding information for parents and upcoming sessions.  You can visit the website here.

Special Education and Your Child:  Workshops for Parents of Children with Special Needs

OCSB Special Education and Student Services, in partnership with the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) PIC and CSPA, present an evening of workshops directed to families of children with special needs.  The 4 workshops will be offered twice.  Participants will be able to attend two sessions of their choice

Assistive Technology
Join us for a hands-on exploration of “Read & Write” and Google Suite. You will have an opportunity to experience first-hand what it is like to use these tools to access the curriculum just as our students do.

Positive Advocacy
Learn tips to help you positively advocate for your child with special needs during education setting meetings. There will be an opportunity for parents to make suggestions as to how OCSB school staff can help support their concerns.

Mental Health Supports at the OCSB
Who can you approach for help when your child is experiencing mental health issues? Come and learn about the mental health resources available at the board and in the community to support students with mental health challenges.

On My Way - Transitions
Effective transitions planning allows for students to be successful as they move through their day, activities or settings. Come and learn how we support successful transitions at all different points for students - prior to the start of school, throughout a student's daily schedule, from grade to grade, and when moving from one school to another.

Monday, March 27, 2017
6:30 - 9:00 PM
Saint Patrick’s High School

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Coming Up:
March 11th to 19th: March Break
March 23rd: 9-12 parent/teacher interviews

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