Sunday, 16 December 2018

All Saints Blog Week of December 17th, 2018

Third Sunday of Advent
In recognition of the third Sunday in Advent, we lit the rose coloured candle this weekend. The rose candle is a stark contrast to the deep purple of the other three candles around the wreath. Advent is a time of expectant waiting and the three purple candles represent the symbols of peace, hope and love. During the third week of Advent, also known as Gaudete (Rejoice) Sunday, we light a different coloured candle to remind us of the impending joy associated with the birth of Jesus. With the commercial hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, we are challenged to find the true meaning of this time of year. Our All Saints staff and students will be celebrating Advent liturgies this week at the school.

Our students were reminded of the true meaning of Christmas through their participation in the readying of our Christmas Hampers for our community. As a school, we were able to prepare dozens of baskets of food and household items to help compliment the special season for those who might be experiencing a difficult time. We appreciate the work of all of our students and staff who contributed to this task.   I extend wishes of hope, peace, joy and love to all of our school families for the remainder of our advent season and through your celebrations of Christmas.

Cooperative Education Corner

All Saints has a large number of students who enrol in cooperative education courses to pursue some practical work opportunities. In the coming weeks we will feature some of our students and the experiences they are having. This week: Featured Co-op Student: Misha Azaranka

Misha Azaranka is a grade 11 student who is interested in working in the Information Communication Technology field. His placement is at Ericsson in the Kanata Tech business park.

Misha commented that “The experience at Ericsson is fascinating, a lot of fun and I am happy to be part of the team. We get to write trouble reports, record it to a table and show the staff what progress they had made for the past week. Another duty as a network technician is responsible for is field testing. This requires a person to walk outside and have a laptop that would collect all of the data, a phone and antenna for the main test. And the last thing the network technician is responsible for is to send all of the collected data to Sweden where it would be picked up by one of the other Network Technician, organize it and send it to China.”

Additionally, Misha is able to demonstrate how the Catholic values he is learning at school are serving him well in the workplace as a Network Technician is teamwork. Misha says that “We have meetings to come up with solutions to solve problems together and need to help each other. Each person has their own task to do and when someone fails the other fail too. So everyone are having faith and trust to one another that they will accomplish their task together.”

There is a great deal of information on the CSPA website regarding information for parents and upcoming sessions. You can visit the website here.

South East Ottawa Community Health Centre is offering a free parenting workshop to parents who would like some information about how to support their children who may still be experiencing some negative effects from the tornado. See the poster for more information.

Check out our blog – and our twitter @AllSaintsOCSB (Mr. Kelly’s - @seankellyottawa) as well as our website for all that is happening at All Saints!

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